101 Guys to Date Before You Die

Sexy cover page, huh?

I don’t always write about travel.

Sometimes, I write about relationships.

My first eBook has been published!  I’ve been writing about my relationships since I started dating, but never have I really thought about publishing a collection of quirky stories until this past year.  Since semi-settling down, I’ve thought long and hard about the journey I’ve taken to get to where I am.  And what I realized was that in order to really understand what you want, you have to first figure out what you don’t want.

Some girls date three guys and know what they want quickly.  Others date 300 guys and still can’t figure it out.  The amount is not the point – it’s what you learned from those experiences that counts.  Because the best time to work on your relationship, is before you have one.  Too many people get “stuck” and think that they are supposed to be with someone just because they are there.

My eBook is revealing; maybe not 50 Shades of Grey steamy, but pretty damn transparent.  If you aren’t cool with cursing, sex scenes, shallowness and moments that my make you gasp, um, you’re lame.  But if you’ve got an extra $4.00 to spare, why not download it and let me know how you like it?

Available for purchase on Amazon.com and in the Apple store.  No Kindle?  No problem – download the Kindle reader app for your phone, tablet or desktop here!


  1. Scott
    Oct 11, 2013

    Congratulations Kat! And Yes! again . . . to find what you do want, start with what you don’t . . . I find it easier that way. Don’t-Want is easier . . . and if you keep checkin’ that box, before you know it, you’re left with what you do want . . . :)

    • Katka
      Oct 11, 2013

      Thanks so much Scott! Appreciate it :)

  2. Scott
    Oct 12, 2013

    Was thinking too . . . you said you don’t always write about travel . . . relationships . . . they can be a trip, too ;)

  3. Alyssa
    Oct 21, 2013

    What Scott said – ha!

    Congrats, Katka!

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