Capture the Color 2013 Entries

Last year, I meant to enter the Capture the Color Contest, but I didn’t really have a blog.  Or knew enough people to nominate.  I chickened out, essentially.  But this year, I have a WAY better computer, and TONS of people I can nominate to participate in this kickass photo contest.  Capture the Color offers travelers, photographers, and hybrids the chance to show off their favorite red, blue, green, yellow and white-themed photos.  The subject matter is pretty open to interpretation, which is cool because it means that everyone can get involved!

I was so honored to be nominated by the awesome Candice Walsh and the eloquent Alyssa James – thanks to you ladies, I’m motivated to enter my own pics for some prizes!  Here we go…

Red entry. ©KatkaTravels

Red entry. ©KatkaTravels

Red.  In Ghana, it is traditional for young women to wear belly beads.  Someone else from your village ties them on for you, and they are only allowed to be taken off once you are married.  This photo was taken in the bead market of Accra.  The shop girl and I had a great cross-cultural conversation about our female lives.  At the end, I asked if I could have her photo against the backdrop of the beads.  Her smile is so natural and relaxed. This is probably one of my all-time favorite photos.

Blue entry.  ©KatkaTravels

Blue entry. ©KatkaTravels

Blue.  Vienna, Austria is a place where you can simultaneously step back in time, and forward into the future.  I think this entry precisely shows that.  Everywhere you look in the city, influence from the Hapsburg empire neighbors modern buildings, making this city one of the most architecturally diverse in Europe.

Green entry.  ©KatkaTravels

Green entry. ©KatkaTravels

Green.  Costa Rica is known for its adventure activities, and some of the best include hanging bridge canopy walks.  My boyfriend and I skipped out on the overcrowded Monte Verde site, opting instead for a set of bridges developed by ten local families in the Heliconias rainforest.  They were rickety, and swung back and forth, enticing an insane adrenaline rush as we walked above over 100 feet of Costa Rican rainforest.  They told us “Don’t look down,” but how could I resist?

Yellow entry.  ©KatkaTravels

Yellow entry. ©KatkaTravels

Yellow.  I visited the Szechenyi Bathhouse of Budapest, Hungary in the dead of winter, when the sun set at 4pm, and piles of snow surrounded the outdoor whirlpools.  Yet, the locals were still there, despite the below-zero temperatures.  It was warm inside the natural hot spring pools, and you could stay out there for hours as the steam freshened your face against the chill.

White entry.  ©KatkaTravels

White entry. ©KatkaTravels

White.  While volunteering in Žilina, Slovakia, I was assigned to help execute an exhibition commemorating Prague Spring, and the fall of Communism.  What is on this wall is everything that happened between 1968 and 1988 – together, my co-photographer Dusan and I went through hundreds of old photos taken during Czechoslovakia’s Communist era.  We set up an interactive film of Žilina residents talking about their lives during “The Gray Period,” when moral was low, but hope for a democratic society was high.  It’s a side of history people never really get to learn about, unless they talk to someone who lived through it.


There’s still plenty of time to enter the Capture the Color contest!  Here is a list of travel bloggers I’d love to see interpret the different color schemes:

  • Spencer Spellman (The Traveling Philosopher) – he’s always going to Hawaii where it’s rainbows and sunsets all of the time.
  • Miret Padovani (Flânerie Féminine) – her gorgeous photos of food send me into sensory overload!
  • Jessica Festa (Jessie on a Journey) – another blogger who travels and has a vested interest in food, she’s got an eye for color and composition.
  • Josh Johnson (Joshy Washington) – I LOVE his Instagrams that capture color so well!
  • Mickela Mallozzi (Travel Bare Feet) – as a traveling dancer, I’m sure she’s seen her fare share of folk and otherwise costumes that burst with color.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Alyssa
    Oct 8, 2013

    I love the red entry! Good luck, lady!

    • Katka
      Oct 10, 2013

      Thanks you too, and thanks for nominating me!!


  1. Katka Travels Capture the Color 2013 Entries | Katka Travels - [...] Last year, I meant to enter the Capture the Color Contest, but I didn’t really have a blog.  Or …

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