#FriFotos: Architecture

These are architectural favorites of mine from around the world.  Enjoy!


St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. This is a beautiful house of worship, inside and out. Even if you aren’t religious, a trip to St. Giles is worth taking a peek inside to see this very different side of Scottish culture.


The Eiffel Tower, Paris. Call me cliche, but this is one of my most favorite parts of Paris. I don’t care if the French hate it, I love the undulating curves of the tower, and how it rises above everything else in the city. Wherever I am I can always find my way back as long as I can see the Eiffel Tower.


Sgraffito in the Czech Republic. Sgraffito is an old form of graffiti, where a building was painted solid and the shapes would be etched or “scratched” off. You can find this sort of art, dating back to the Renaissance, all across the country. It’s the coolest thing.


The Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest. This is such a romantic spot, especially when covered in snow. I was there in the dead of winter and barely anyone else was around me, so it felt like the entire place was my own.


Modern vs vintage architecture, Vienna. Vienna is a super interesting place – it’s a mix of Habsburg architecture and modern design, as evidence by this photo. It’s like you’re stepping back in time, but with modern conveniences.


The Marival Residences and Spa, Puerto Vallarta. This all-inclusive resort will trump any all-inclusives I stay at ever again. Gorgeous layout, suite-style room, and amazing views. Whoever designed this property truly knew what he/she was doing.


Graffiti accents around Reykjavik. I love the architecture of Iceland – it’s so unique and they add surprising elements, like these graffiti elements. Sequins, broken glass, and spray paint lighten up what can otherwise be a gray city.



  1. Bea
    May 26, 2013

    I love these photos! I am partial to the photo of the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest of course but they are all excellent examples of interesting architecture around the world.

    • Katka
      May 27, 2013

      Thanks! I love the Fisherman’s Bastion as well, that might be my most favorite place in Budapest :) Maybe we can see it together sometime!


  1. Katka Travels #FriFotos: Architecture | Katka Travels - [...] These are architectural favorites of mine from around the world.  Enjoy! ©KatkaTravels St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. This is a …

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