#FriFotos: Cocktails



This time, we manage to snag a table as the sun sets over Banderas Bay.  Hours before, Tom and I had sat in the plunge pool at Insu, the Marival’s rooftop tapas lounge, taking in the view, the clean, Mexican air, and working on our tans.  After a day spent at the spa, we are hungry.  Although all of the food at the Marival is superb, we enjoy Insu’s eclectic array of international tapas dishes.

I order a Tequila Sunrise, at sunset.  But the colors are the same; deep red-oranges and warm yellows.  The colors contrast nicely with the blue of the pool and the lilac backdrop of the setting sun.  Soon it will be dark in Puerto Vallarta, and we can retire to our private plunge pool above our penthouse suite.

Tom made fun of me for rifling through Trip Advisor reviews prior to our trip, for taking photos of our food and drinks, for wanting to swim with the dolphins and for ordering mimosas for breakfast, pina coladas on the beach, vodka sodas for lunch and god only knew what for dinner.  But when the liquor is all-inclusive, and top-notch at that, why not?

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