Travel Writing Exercise: Disaster Story

I once was caught in a riot at a football game in Ghana. It was crazy!

I’m holed up at my parents’ house this week due to the lovely effects of Hurricane Sandy, who is currently wreaking havoc on my coastal, Long Island apartment.  I guess that’s what I get for living seaside!

When disaster strikes, it can be scary.  Even something as simple as a rainstorm in Thailand can turn your travel dreams into a nightmare.  This week’s travel writing exercise focuses on disaster.  Grim topic, I suppose, but disaster stories are full of drama and excitement.  They can be a great launching point for descriptive writing and building on your lead/nut graph tactics.

Write about a time during your travels where you experienced disaster.

As always, leave your story in the comments section or send me an email with it attached.  I’ll need something to do while quarantined by this storm, so send me those drafts!

Stay dry,

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  1. craftyourtravelstory
    Nov 4, 2012

    I was living in Israel and decided to go on a trek with a group of about 40 travelers. As we were hiking the first day, I twisted my ankle. This was right in the middle of a long hike, in which we had to scale down a cliff and jump over streams. I hobbled along behind the rest of my group, carefully placing my foot down each time. When I saw a stream in front of me, I braced myself and slowly shuffled across a log. As I went across, my glasses, which were a bit loose, slipped off and disappeared into the stream. (I had 20/400 vision at the time, so this really sucked.) That night at the campfire, I wore my prescription sunglasses. Everyone laughed and called me Stevie Wonder.

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